Akbash is one of Turkey’s most well-known livestock guardian dogs, being victorious in battles against wolves. They are intensely loyal to the herd, territory, and their owner. Akbash is considered the most powerful and fastest livestock guardian dog among their weight category. They are livestock guardians and field security dogs in many countries worldwide; moreover, they are family dogs. Akbash has high levels of watchful and guarding characteristics, are very strong-minded, and are highly intelligent when decision making.

Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherds are one of the most widely recognized field and herd protection dogs around the world. Presently, dogs in Turkey not displaying a particular phenotype are given the name Anatolian Shepherd.  They form strong attachments to the people they trust and live with. They are skeptical of strangers.


Boz Shepherd

Boz Shepherds, also known as Guregh and Yörük, are one of Turkey’s oldest livestock and cattle guardian dogs inhabiting the Toros Mountains and surrounding areas in Southern Anatolia. Their primary duty is to protect and secure the livestock at their barns and grazing on the land. In Turkey, Boz Shepherds are bred and utilized for both livestock guardian and field security dogs. They have been performing duties worldwide as livestock guardians since the beginning of the 21st Century. Boz Shepherds are one of the most successful livestock guardian canines in the heavyweight category around the world. They are very intelligent, and they are very tolerant and kind towards children. Likewise, Boz Shepherds deeply adhere to the herd and are very patient and highly tolerant to them.


Known worldwide, Malaklı is one of Turkey’s livestock guardians and field security dogs bred in the city of Aksaray and surrounding provinces. It is a nimble molosser breed with its large body, great strength, huge head, and po-faced. Malaklı deeply connects to its owner and its community; on the contrary, it is skeptical and aggressive towards strangers.


Kangal, one of the most well-known livestock guardian dogs in Turkey, mainly comes from the sub-province Kangal, located in Sivas; and found primarily on the plateaus and northern part of Central Anatolia to the Marmara region. A Kangal can chase a wolf for miles to repel the attack and neutralize it, a distinguishing characteristic of Kangals, known worldwide, and making them preferred for livestock protection. Kangals are vigilant, always alert, and possess high intelligence, courage, and power to secure the herd of livestock against predators. In addition, Kangals are family dogs due to their kind, tolerant attitudes towards children and their territorial nature. Kangals are intuitive and are suitable for working all day in the fields. They are not to be kept on a chain or work under the command of humans since they are free-spirited dogs.


An indigenous value to Turkey, Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs, are bred as livestock guardian dogs. They have remained hidden on the highlands of the Blacksea Region. They are preferred as livestock guardian canines by the livestock breeders in the region because of their determined battle against predators, including bears and wolves. Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs adapt significantly to the region’s harsh climate conditions. Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs are perfect working dogs suitable for being used, especially in high-altitude places with heavy rain. They are known for their power, speed, and loyal characteristics to the herd among the heavyweight category of livestock guardian dogs. Karadeniz Shepherd Dogs are in low numbers in far out places of the Blacksea highlands.


The Turkish Pali is a perfect friend for the family. Because they are tolerant to rainy and cold climates, they are often used to protect house and farm animals.  With their doorbell title, they are incredibly protective, skeptical in every environment, playful towards their owner and family, and their energy never ends.  They are compatible with family and children, highly dependent on farm animals, intelligent, patient, and tolerant. 

Tonya Fino

This small, family-friendly companion does well as a house and farm guardian. Tolerant to rainy and cold conditions, this breed can perform very well with farm animals in their environment and shelters. They are compatible with family and children, intelligent and highly dependent on farm animals, patient, tolerant, and high energy.

Trabzon Zerdeva

Trabzon Zerdeva dogs are primarily tasked to protect the farm and home. They are also employed and highly successful at hog hunting.  They are athletic, fast, intelligent, patient, tolerant, and compatible with adults and children.