The Karadeniz dog is a specific value hidden in the remote highlands of the Black Sea, where wolves and bears are abundant. They have been preferred by animal breeders in the region due to their high adaptability to climatic conditions. It is an excellent duty dog especially chosen in high-altitude highlands where there is heavy rainfall. Among heavyweight herd guard dogs, Karadeniz dogs have incredible strength and speed.

General Appearance

Bone Structure


The body is balanced, functional, and proportioned, without appearing extreme or exaggerated.   


The chest should be broad, moderately deep, and well-muscled.


It has a spiral tail structure.


In adult males, shoulder height is between 70-85 cm, weight is around 55-70 kg. Those with a shoulder height of 87 cm and a weight of 75 kg were also seen.

 In adult females, shoulder height is 65-75 cm and weight is around 50-60 kg. 80 cm and 65 kg were also seen.


The head shape is oval and has a prominent head stop.

The face tapers from the eye arches towards the nose.


The eyes are slanted and dark in color.


The tip of the nose is black.


Neck rises at an angle of forty-five or sixty degrees to the horizon. 


The coat is firmly attached to the body.

It is easily possible to distinguish it from other breeds with its long and thick hair structure that protects it from rainy climate conditions.