Table of Contents


1.1  I act by the objectives and purposes of the Turkish Dog Federation.

1.2  I am courteous and helpful to all persons contacting me regarding dog information. 

1.3  I maintain the highest level of professionalism in person and on social media.

1.4  I will not make false or misleading statements about the dogs or the character of any member who meets the Standards of Practice and Conduct.

1.5  I continue to educate myself on all related and applicable health information.

1.6  I adhere to and stay informed of all updates and changes within the standards, rules, regulations, terms, conditions, policies, and procedures of the TDF. 

1.7  I adhere to ethical business practices when procuring, purchasing, breeding, selling, and placing dogs and puppies. 

1.8  I keep records and documents in order to provide them to the TDF when asked for an inspection.



2.1  I agree to submit genetic tests, health tests, and questionnaires when requested by the TDF Staff.

2.2  I maintain the highest quality standards of health and care to ALL dogs and other animals under my supervision and abide by the TDF’s minimum standards for maintenance and upkeep of dogs mandated herein. 

2.3  I maintain all proper immunizations for all dogs and other animals on my property as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and to the best of my knowledge, keep all animals free of external and internal parasites. 

2.4  I take all necessary precautions to safeguard unspayed bitches from unplanned mating’s and unneutered dogs from accidental procreation. 

2.5  I understand Turkish Shepherd dogs are large, active breeds that must form a strong bond with their family, human or animal, to develop appropriately as well-adjusted dogs. In addition, these breeds require a significant time commitment, more so than many other dog breeds. Therefore: 

        2.5.1  My dogs have active roles in their environment, either as livestock guardian dogs, working dogs in another venue, or as family companions with regular interaction. Therefore, my dogs are not primarily kenneled solely for breeding purposes. 

        2.5.2  breed and house as many dogs as is reasonably appropriate for space and time that I can provide, placing the welfare of the dogs above all else. Therefore, proper exercise, cleanliness, purpose, and family bond for each Turkish Shepherd dog owned and bred is imperative.

2.6  I choose both a sire and dam that have reached such maturity that they can produce and raise a healthy litter.



3.1  My breeding stock is registered with the TDF and WAD PRIOR to any matings.

3.2  I am aware of the weaknesses and strengths of any dog or bitch, and its parents and siblings, if possible, before considering the dog for breeding stock and for achieving balance in each mating.

3.3  My breeding stock is of the same breed as determined by WAD.

3.4  I work hard to preserve and maintain the breed by judiciously selecting breeding stock 

3.5  I understand the Standard of the breed as approved by WAD as the only standard of excellence by which my dog(s) shall be judged.

3.6  I have read the Breed Standard that pertains to my breeding stock.



4.1  I breed for breed preservation, the balance of health, function, and temperament; 

       4.1.1  I will choose breeding stock with pure genetics and a high phenotype score.

       4.1.2  I will not breed to create extreme or exaggerated offspring outside the breed standard, as it jeopardizes the health and function of the dogs. 

       4.1.3  I will not breed my registered breeding stock to other breeds, variants, races, or mixed breed dogs.

       4.1.4  I will get prior approval before out-crossing with another Turkish dog breed in the W.A.D. database for the Breed Development Program.

       4.1.5  I will phase out any outside genetics approved within my breeding stock.

4.2  I will prevent accidental litter(s).

4.3  I will not allow a bitch to be bred prior to her reaching 20 months of age.

4.4  I will not breed any bitch after her 8th birthday.

4.5  I will not breed a bitch more than four litters in her lifetime.

4.6  I will use a stud for breeding no sooner than 12 months of age.

4.7  I actively breed to lower and maintain the IC of all produced litters below 6.25%.


5.1  I refuse to deal knowingly with dog retailers, dog wholesalers, and unethical dog breeders;   

       5.1.1  This includes any person(s) intending to use the dog for fighting or other inhumane activity abhorred by the TDF or planning to breed for such purposes; 

5.2  I will not supply dogs for raffles, “give-away” prizes, or other such projects.

5.3  I will not sell to a buyer where there is concern that the puppy will not be adequately cared for.

5.4  I will not sell to a buyer if I determine that a particular Turkish Shepherd dog breed is not a good fit for the buyer or his/her environment. 

5.5  My puppies receive general care and an adequate diet.

5.6  My puppies remain with the dam and littermates until at least eight (8) weeks of age.

5.7  My puppies are regularly handled, adequately socialized with livestock animals, if possible, and are accustomed to human contact.

5.8  My puppies receive adequate immunization as recommended by the AVMA before and at such times as to be effective on the date of release.

5.9  I familiarize potential buyers with the adult physical size, power and strength, temperament, housing, and dietary requirements, and various functions of the Turkish Shepherd dog breed, as well as determine if the dog is a good fit for the potential buyer and his/her environment.

5.10  I provide by a WRITTEN contract between breeder and buyer for castration/vasectomy or spaying/tubal when the puppy or dog for sale has hereditary or temperamental faults of such nature as to make his/her breeding detrimental to the furtherance of the Turkish Shepherd dog breeds.

5.11  I maintain and pass onto buyers of puppies or adult dogs the following records: Microchip number, Birth Certificate, Registration application, and pedigree information; unless Registration is withheld by WRITTEN agreement between Buyer and Seller and notification sent to the TDF.