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PLEASE NOTE!!!!! Registration Applications from the kennel/breeder named Black Tie Affair are currently not being accepted due to an ongoing investigation. We encourage owners of dogs purchased from this breeder/kennel to submit their dog information/test/contracts/pictures using our confidential and free service called Preliminary Registration Evaluation. 

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Membership Policy

  • Turkish Dog Federation accepts Membership applications from any individual that meets the requirements without regard to race, color, creed, gender, religion, or national origin; neither shall such matters ever be made a condition of Membership. 
  • The types of Memberships available, applicable fees, service fees, suspension or termination of Members, and all other issues affecting or relating to the Membership shall be at the sole discretion and control of the Turkish Dog Federation.
  • Any natural person committed to the objects of the Federation may become a Member of the Federation provided all eligibility requirements, and other Membership qualifications are met.


Associate Membership


  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be residing within North America
  • Must not have any history of unwarranted or unethical behavior, comments, complaints, statements about or towards other members, officers, directors, affiliates, and partners of the TDF
  • Must not be prohibited from Membership

Breeder Membership


  • Any ASSOCIATE MEMBER in good standing can apply to be a Breeder Member 
  • Must personally own at least two authorized Breeding stock. A Member can apply for an exception
  • Must not have a history of 3 or more, same or different, of the following:
  • Breeding a Bitch before 20 months old
  • Breeding a Bitch eight years or older. A breeder can apply for an exception
  • Breeding a Bitch more than four times in her lifetime. A breeder can apply for an exception for additional breedings
  • Pairing and breeding with outside genetics. A breeder can apply for an exception for the Breed Development Program
  • Selling puppies below the lowest current market value

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