Malaklı is known worldwide as a livestock guardian and field security dog, originating in Aksaray, Turkey, and surrounding provinces. It is a nimble molosser breed with its large body, great strength, huge head, and po-faced. Malaklı builds deep connections to its owner and its community; on the contrary, it is skeptical and aggressive towards strangers.

Bone Structure

General Appearance


The posture of Malaklı’s neck and skyline intersects with 60 degree angle.


The spiral tail is common.


Shoulder length for adult males are between 75-85 cm and weight are 65-85 kg. Shoulder length of 97 cm and weight of 100 kg are also seen.

As for adult females, the shoulder length are between 70-80 cm and weight are 60-70 kg. The shoulder length of 87 cm and weight of 80 kg are also seen for females.



There is a very distinct stop on the face.

The face goes straight from the eye arches to the nose and is noticeably shorter and blunt than the skull


The eyes are rounded and close to each other.

Eye arches do not attract attention.


The gap between ears is broad.


The tip of the nose is black.


The upper lip covers the lower lip and dangles downwards. The discharge lip is drooping.


The posture of neck and skyline intersects with 45 degree angle. 

Additionally, the neck is drooping and folded.


The coat is not attached to the body tightly.


The hair color is in general pinto, grizzly and brindle.