1.1 This manual applies to all applicants and members of the Turkish Dog Federation.

Table of Contents


2.1 Definitions, interpretations, words, and or phrases may be added or removed from time to time.




A person who submitted an application form.

Application for Breeder Membership

Means the form MF-02, which is used by an applicant to apply for Membership as a breeder.

Application for Associate Membership

Means form MF-01 submitted to apply for Membership as an associate.


Means the Board of Directors for the time being of the Federation.


Dog owner or Lessee at the time of breeding.

Breeding Stock

Means all the animals in a breeding operation that are used for reproduction.

Charged Member

Means a Member against whom a complaint has been made which may lead to the discipline of that Member.


Means any type or form of penalty or sanction, financial otherwise, imposed by the Board or the Federation, including the suspension or expulsion of that Charged Member.

Disciplined Member

Means a Member who has been suspended, fined, or expelled.

Electronic Address

Means the email address or any other Board-approved address for the electronic or online location of a Person.


Means the entity whose name is Turkish Dog Federation and shall represent the same entity by whatever name from time to time it may be called.

Imported Genetics

The genetics were newly imported into North America at the time.

In Good Standing

A Member not suspended, expelled, or terminated and has completed their initial or renewal membership purchase and has not reached their expiration date.

Inbreeding Coefficient

The percentage of chances for two alleles to be identical by descent when inbreeding occurs.


A person qualified to determine a breed, race, and variant of dog.


A person leasing the dog.


Means applicants who are approved to use TDF’s services as an Associate and/or Breeder.


Means your right to have an account on the website and use the Services, subject to the Terms of Use.

Membership Fees

Means the fees payable by Members on an annual basis as determined by the Board from time to time.


Means a form of written communication that includes email.

Outside Genetics

Genetics that dilute the purity of a breed


A person that owns the dog.

Processing Fees

A non-refundable fee for processing applications and forms.


Means the Register of Members, which includes the computer records of the Federation that indicate the Membership of the person.

Service Address

Means the address nominated by a Member to receive notices from the Company. The “Service Address” may not be an electronic address.


means the services you receive through your use of the website, including all related platforms, modules, mobile versions, applications, affiliated sites, and other platforms, including but not limited to the processing and submission of applications for application for Membership to the Website or application for a pedigree and the maintenance of Member information on the Website. information on the Website.

Social Media

Means web-based applications and online forums that allow users to interact, share and publish content such as text, links, photos, audio, and video. information on the Website.


President, Secretary, and other positions appointed inside of the TDF.

TDF Website

Turkish Dog Federation

Also referred to as TDF and TDF.

Turkish Shepherd Dog (s)

Turkish Shepherd Dog(s) pertains to the following breeds: Turkish Shepherd Dog Akbash, Turkish Shepherd Dog Boz, Turkish Shepherd Dog Anatolian, Turkish Shepherd Dog Malakli, Turkish Shepherd Dog Karadeniz, and Turkish Shepherd Dog Kangal.

World Anatolian Dogs

Also referred to as WAD and W.A.D.


3.1 All contents of the Schedule of Records, Forms, and Fees (RR-02) may change from time to time.







Complaint Form

A form to file a complaint.



DNA Profile Kit

A form to purchase a DNA kit for a DNA Profile.



Parentage Test

A form to request parentage tests.



Preliminary Registration Evaluation

A form to submit dog information for a preliminary review to determine possible registration. 




A record which states the goals and purpose of the Federation.



Standards of Practice and Conduct

A record describing Members’ values, attitudes, and behaviors and outlines the minimum requirements for competent and ethical dog ownership and the breeding practice.



Terms of Use

A form that governs the access to and use of any content, functionality, and services offered on or through at www.turkishdog.com, including without limitation any forum or application forms offered whether as a guest or registered user.



Privacy Policy

A record that states the policy for website privacy




A record that documents the revisions of certain documents.



Membership Manual

A controlled document that outlines the policies, procedures, processes, instructions, forms, records, and fees of the TDF.



Application for Associate Membership

A form to apply to be an Associate Member.



Application for Breeder Membership

A form to apply to be a Breeder Member.



Breeder Membership Renewal

A form to apply for Breeder Membership Renewal



 Membership Termination

A form to cancel a Membership.



General Request

A form for general requests and questions.



Corrections and Changes

A form to make corrections and changes.



Duplicate Record Request

A form to request a duplicate record.



Transfer of Ownership with new Pedigree

A form to transfer ownership of a dog




A form to request advertising on the classifieds page.



Dog Name Change Request

A form to request to change the name of a dog.



Breed and Pedigree Registration

Apply for a breed and pedigree registration.



Hardship Registration

Apply for a dog to be approved into a breed group with limited information.



Breed Identification

Apply for judges to identify a dog breed and start a new pedigree.



Phenotype Score

Apply for judges to score the dog based on phenotype against a specific breed standard.



Breed Development

Apply to enroll in the Breed Development Program.



Breed Transfer

Apply to transfer a dog from one breed group to another.



Pedigree Transfer 

Apply to transfer a Pedigree from another registry to WAD’s Registry.



Litter Notification

A form to notify a litter is born.



Limited Registration Notification

A form to notify a dog is restricted from full registration.



Limited Registration Cancellation

A form to notify a dog is restricted from full registration.



Lease Notification

A form to notify the TDF of a dog to be leased by a breeder.



Kennel Name Registration

A form to apply for a Registered Kennel Name 



Birth Certificate

A birth record of a dog.


Breed Standard- Akbash

A record describing the standards of the Turkish Shepherd breed Akbash.


Breed Standard- Anatolian

A record describing the standards of the Turkish Shepherd breed Anatolian


Breed Standard -Boz

A record describing the standards of the Turkish Shepherd breed Anatolian


Breed Standard -Kangal

A record describing the standards of the Turkish Shepherd breed Kangal.


Breed Standard -Karadeniz

A record describing the standards of the Turkish Shepherd breed Karadeniz.


Breed Standard -Malakli

A record describing the standards of the Turkish Shepherd breed Malakli.


Breed Standard -Pali

A record describing the standards of the Turkish breed Pali.


Breed Standard -Trabzon Zerdeva

A record describing the standards of the Turkish breed Trabzon Zerdeva.


Register of Members

A record used by the TDF to record and track Memberships and activity.


Breeder Directory

A directory of Breeders. Also referred to as a Members List.


Schedule of Records, Forms, and Fees

A record to locate and record forms, fees, and records.


Registration Picture Examples

An educational record showing the pictures angles to submit for registration.


4.1 Turkish Dog Federation accepts Membership applications from any individual that meets the requirements without regard to race, color, creed, gender, religion, or national origin; neither shall such matters ever be made a condition of Membership. 

4.2 The types of Memberships available, applicable fees, service fees, suspension or termination of Members, and all other issues affecting or relating to the Membership shall be at the sole discretion and control of the Turkish Dog Federation.

4.3 Any natural person committed to the objects of the Federation may become a Member of the Federation provided all eligibility requirements, and other Membership qualifications are met.


5.1 Associate Membership

     5.1.1 For a person interested in learning about our breeds.

     5.1.2 For a person seeking TDF Services.

5.2 Breeder Membership

     5.2.1 For a person interested in becoming a TDF Breeder.

     5.2.2 For a person seeking TDF Services.


6.1 Must be 18 or older.

6.2 Must be residing within North America.

6.3 Must not have any history of unwarranted or unethical behavior, comments, complaints, statements about or towards other members, officers, directors, affiliates, and partners of the TDF.

6.4 Must not be prohibited from Membership.

6.5 Must have a history of being committed to the objects of the Federation.


7.1 Any Associate Member in good standing can apply to be a Breeder Member. 

7.2 Must have a history of being committed to the objects of the Federation.

7.3 Must personally own at least two authorized AND registered Breeding stock.

     7.3.1 A Member can apply for an exception.

7.4 Must NOT have a history of 3 or more, same or different, of the following:

     7.4.1 Breeding a Bitch before 20 months old.

     7.4.2 Breeding a Bitch eight years or older.

   A breeder can apply for an exception.

     7.4.3 Breeding a Bitch more than four times in her lifetime. 

   A breeder can apply for an exception for additional Breedings

     7.4.4 Pairing and breeding with outside genetics creating mixed breed dogs.

   A breeder can apply for an exception for the Breed Development Program only. Selling puppies below the lowest current market value.

     7.4.5 Other eligibility and criteria may apply.


8.1 Documents are available and submitted on the TDF website.

8.2 Applicants shall apply for Associate Membership by submitting the Application for Associate Membership (MF-01).

8.3 Applicants shall apply for breeder Membership on the Application for Breeder Membership (MF-02).

8.4 Applicants fill out the required information, pay the fees, and submit the form

8.5 All applications and documents without the proper documentation, information, and signatures are subject to rejection.

8.6 Applicants are agreeing and adhering to:

     8.6.1 the Objectives of the Turkish Dog Federation, outlined in document LR-01.

     8.6.2 the policies and procedures outlined within this Membership Manual, document M-01.

     8.6.3 the Standard of Practice and Conduct outlined in document # LR-02.

     8.6.4 the Terms of Use, document LR-03.

     8.6.5 breeding towards the Breed Standard assigned to their breeding stock.

     8.6.6 having access to the manual, records, forms, and other documents along with revisions on the Turkish Dog Federation website.

8.7 Any falsification of information on the Membership application(s) will immediately reject the application, and the individual cannot reapply for one year.

8.8 Applicants must submit every application with remittance in full payment of the prescribed Fee as established on the Register of Records, Forms, and Fee’s- (RR-02).

8.9 Applicants and Members must reapply annually.


9.1 The Standards of Practice and Conduct are our minimum standards for dog ownership and the breeding profession. 

9.2 As a condition of Membership, applicants must subscribe to the principles outlined in the Standards of Practice and Conduct LR-02 at the time of initial application and upon annual renewal of their Membership. 

9.3 Applicants agree to and abide by the Standards of Practice and Conduct during the submission process.


10.1 As a condition of Membership, applicants must agree to the Terms of Use at the time of initial application and upon annual renewal of their Membership.

10.2 Applicants agree to the Terms of Use LR-03 during the submission process.

10.3 Terms of Use LR-03 is available to read on the TDF website.


11.1 All Applications shall be submitted to the TDF Staff, which shall determine eligibility.

11.2 An applicant becomes a Member and is entitled to exercise Membership rights when the Staff has approved the Membership application. 

11.3 The Staff shall, as soon as possible after denying a Membership application, notify the applicant of the determination by electronic mail.


12.1 The Staff maintains a Register of Members (RR-01)

12.2 It is the responsibility of the Member to notify the Staff to update the personal information within the Register of Members.

12.3 The Service Address will be the physical address nominated by the Member to receive paper documents and records from the Federation. 

12.4 The Electronic Address will be the email address nominated by the Member to receive primary communication and electronic documents from the Federation.

12.5 Members can notify the TDF of changes by submitting the form MF-05 Corrections and Changes.


13.1 The Members List is a directory of Breeders Members that agree to have their contact information and dog information available to the public on the Breeder Directory. 

13.2 The Members List will be available for viewing on the TDF Website and social media platforms.

13.3 It is the responsibility of the Members to provide accurate and updated information to the TDF for changes and corrections. 

13.4 Members can submit changes and corrections on the form MF-05 Changes and Corrections.


14.1 The Membership year for new Members joining after January 1st runs from the date they join the TDF through December 31st for the first year and January through December when the Membership is renewed.


15.1 Associate Members 

     15.1.1 Have access to registration applications.

     15.1.2 Have access to the Breeder Directory. 

     15.1.3 Have access to private social media groups.

     15.1.4 In addition, the TDF may allow personal dogs advertised on the Classifieds page with prior approval under certain circumstances.

15.2 Breeder Members  

     15.2.1 Have access to all registration applications.

     15.2.2 Have access to TDF forms, records, and breeder management tools.

     15.2.3 Have access to private social media groups.

     15.2.4 Listed on the Breeder Directory.

     15.2.5 List litters and adult dogs on the Classifieds page, as well as on social media platforms.


16.1 TDF reserves the right to add to, remove or change any published Membership benefit or amenity at any time, in its sole discretion; provided, however, that any such addition, removal, or change does not unreasonably remove or restrict benefits enjoyed by existing Members. The Membership benefits at any time shall be as posted on the Turkish Dog Federation website or as otherwise communicated to the Members. Such changes shall be effective on the date such revised Membership benefits are posted to the website or transmitted to the Members.


17.1 Members may terminate their Membership, for any or no reason, at any time, by providing (1) notice to TDF; (2) terminating the Membership; and (3) discontinuing the use of the Services; however, the person will remain liable for any damage to TDF or the Services and any application or fees for the full remaining term of your Membership and any applicable fees or other amounts incurred before termination of the Membership.

17.2 The Member can submit the Termination Form (MF-03) on the TDF website.


18.1 TDF may terminate the Membership and/or revoke the Membership for any reason or no reason, at any time, with or without notice. This cancellation shall be effective immediately or as may be specified in the notice. 

18.2 Termination of Membership includes disabling access to the Services and debarment from future use of services. Further, TDF may restrict, suspend or terminate the Membership of any user who abuses or misuses the Services. 

18.3 TDF will notify the Member by sending a notice to the email address on file, in which case termination shall be effective immediately.

18.4 Any fees paid for any Membership application or pedigree application are non-refundable, including in the event a pedigree application is denied. 

18.5 Reasons for termination include but are not limited to:

     18.5.1 Failure to pay the applicable Membership dues, or form fees.

     18.5.2 Submits fraudulent information or in any other way attempts to improperly obtain TDF Membership or W.A.D registrations.

     18.5.3 Misrepresents Membership or certification status, or other professional qualifications or credentials.

     18.5.4 Is convicted of a felony for crimes against animals.

  We have the right to review each case and make a determination.

     18.5.5 Commits serious or repeated violations of the TDF Manual policies, procedures, Standards of Practice and Conduct LR-02, breach or violation against Terms of Use.


19.1 All payments to the TDF must be in the United States dollar.

19.2 All payments must be made on the TDF website, www.turkishdog.com.

19.3 We reserve the right to reject payments at any time.


20.1 The application fees, annual membership fees, and form processing fees are established by the Board and reviewed annually.

20.2 TDF reserves the right to change fees at any time.

20.3 Members will receive notification of changes through the TDF website.

20.4 Annual fees are payable by December 31 for the following year.


21.1 Membership is billed at the initiation of the Membership process. Once we charge or debit your payment method, your membership is considered active for one calendar year from your join date. After that, no automated billing will occur unless you have opted into the auto-renew process for Membership. 

21.2 Auto-renewal: Auto-renewal is for annual Membership dues. A Member who opted into auto-renewal will receive notification via email at least 30 days before Membership expiration that their Membership is scheduled for auto-renewal.  TDF will charge the Membership renewal fee at the current Membership level to the credit card provided on the annual renewal date. Members will receive an email receipt confirming payment. By opting in for automatic renewal, the Member hereby authorizes TDF on an automated basis annually to renew Memberships that the Member has selected and charged the applicable Membership fee to the credit card placed on file.

21.3 Declined Cards: Should a credit card be declined; the Staff will notify the Member by email or phone. In the event of a declined card, auto-renewal will be deactivated, and the Member will need to renew online or by phone, at which time they may choose to re-enroll in autopay.

21.4 Cancellation: Members can cancel auto-renewal at any time within 30 days of the Member’s renewal date by contacting a Member of the Staff.  Following cancellation, Members will have access to TDF’s benefits through the end of the current Membership year if that year has been paid in full.


22.1 It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the method of payment outlined in the most recent Payment Authorization provided to the TDF remains a valid payment method.

22.2 Suppose a cancellation or change in the account information is associated with any credit or debit card or bank account. In that case, you must update your payment information no less than fifteen (15) days before the next payment due date. 

22.3 If an ACH or credit or debit card charge is declined or returned, TDF reserves the right to charge a processing fee of $25.00 in addition to payment of the unpaid dues for each month that the dues are not paid. In addition to the processing fee for any declined or returned amount, the TDF reserves the right to immediately limit or terminate any or all Membership privileges on any delinquent Memberships.


23.1 A Member who neglects to pay dues within two full months is terminated from Membership and is removed from the Register of Members at the end of the two (2) months.


24.1 Any Member in good standing may apply for registration services.

24.2 The types of services available, applicable fees, service fees, acceptance or rejection of applications, and all other issues affecting or relating to the registration services shall be at the sole discretion and control of the registry, World Anatolian Dogs.

24.3 World Anatolian Dogs accepts applications from any individual that meets the requirements without regard to race, color, creed, gender, religion, or national origin.


25.1 Breeds currently recognized and registered include Anatolian Shepherd, Akbash, Boz Shepherd, Kangal, Karadeniz, Malakli, Tonya Fino, Trabzon Zerdeva, and Pali.

25.2 Dog breeds may be added or removed from time to time.


Breed and Pedigree Registration

     26.1.1 Thousands of dogs from around the world are registered in the WAD database.

     26.1.2 This service is for a dog with a parents’ pedigree in the WAD database.

     26.1.3 This service is for a dog with confirmed parentage.

     26.1.4 The dog receives a phenotype score and a hard copy pedigree document.

     26.1.5 Submit Form PF-01 Breed and Pedigree Registration.

Hardship Registration

     26.2.1 Certain lineages/bloodlines can be traced and approved into breed groups without parentage verification.

     26.2.2 This service is for a dog with known ancestors and verifiable DNA relativity testing.

     26.2.3 The dog receives a phenotype score and a hard copy pedigree document.

     26.2.4 Submit Form PF-02 Hardship Registration.

Breed Identification

     26.3.1 A Certified judge reviews images, video content, and identifies the Turkish dog race.

     26.3.2 This service is used for a dog needing to start a new pedigree with or without verifiable parentage.

     26.3.3 This service is used for a dog needing a breed, race, or variant identified.

     26.3.4 The dog receives a phenotype score, a breed, and a new hardcopy pedigree.

     26.3.5 Submit Form PF-03 Breed Identification.

Phenotype Score

     26.4.1 A Certified Judge evaluates images and video content to score a dog’s phenotype against the breed standard.

     26.4.2 This service is for a dog with an existing pedigree within the WAD database without a phenotype score.

     26.4.3 Submit Form PF-04 Phenotype Score.

Breed Development

     26.5.1 A Judges evaluates the history and phenotype of the dog and its relatives

     26.5.2 This service is for a dog displaying a high phenotype for a breed other than its registered breed.

     26.5.3 This service is for a breeder seeking to develop a WAD breed within their breeding program.

     26.5.4 Submit Form PF-04 Breed Development.

Breed Transfer

     26.6.1 Judges evaluate the history and phenotype of the dog and its relatives.

     26.6.2 This service is for a dog completing the Breed Development Program.

     26.6.3 Submit Form PF-05 Breed Transfer.

Pedigree Transfer

     26.7.1 Pedigrees from other registries can transfer into the WAD registry so long as the dog’s phenotype meets the WAD Breed Standard.

     26.7.2 This service is for a dog owner and breeder requesting to transfer a pedigree from the AKC, UKC, CKC, or other approved registries.

     26.7.3 Submit Form PF-06 Pedigree Transfer.

Preliminary Registration Evaluation

     26.8.1 Nonmembers and members can submit dog information for an informal genetic review from the TDF staff to evaluate the likelihood of registration eligibility with WAD. 

     26.8.2  Submit form DNA-03 Preliminary Registration Evaluation



27.1 Any member in good standing can apply for registration services.

27.2 All applications and application requirements are available on the TDF website. 

27.3 It is a requirement for dogs to be 18 months of age for all registration services.

27.4 An application submitted without the proper documentation, information, and signatures is rejected.

27.5 WAD shall review and determine eligibility. 

27.6 WAD is entitled to use any eligibility and criteria for deciding whether to accept or reject any application for any registration service. WAD reserves the right to reject any application for any non-discriminatory reason and is not bound to explain why the application was not accepted.

27.7 The Staff shall inform the applicant of the determination.


28.1  A confirmed DNA Parentage test is required. 


29.1 Genetics previously imported into the United States by approved breeders may be evaluated to be accepted into a specific breed group.

29.2 Outside genetics discovered through Embark Genetic testing before 2018 may be evaluated.

29.3 Outside genetics previously approved for Outcross programs may be evaluated.

29.4 Members can request a dog to be evaluated by submitting a Hardship Registration

29.5 Eligibility and Criteria 

     29.5.1 Must have been previously recorded with WAD.

     29.5.2 Must be traceable through parentage testing or genetic testing.

     29.5.3 Must not be from a banned breeder from either the TDF or WAD.


30.1 It is highly recommended to present with your application DNA breed results from a breed testing company.

30.2 If accepted, all percentage dogs and dogs with questionable lineages will be automatically labeled as Anatolian Shepherds.


31.1 A Phenotype Score is automatically given to each dog during the Breed and Pedigree registrations PF-01, Hardship registrations PF-02, and Breed Identification PF-03 applications.

31.2 The pictures of the dog, dam, and sire are evaluated to determine the score.

31.3 A dog previously registered with WAD will need to obtain a phenotype score before being accepted as breeding stock with the TDF.


32.1 The Breed Development Program is a tool for breeders to create proper Phenotype.

32.2 Breeders in the program will be given an exception to outcross their breeding stock with another Turkish dog breed. 

32.3 The dog must be approved into the program PRIOR to breeding the dog with a different Turkish dog breed.

32.4 The Outcross breed must be approved PRIOR to breeding. 

32.5 The phenotype scores of the pairing MUST be an improvement. If the score is equal or lower than the current score, then offspring will remain at the current Breed Development stage. 



33.1 Members can request the dog to be evaluated and transferred to another breed group upon completion of the Breed Development Program.

33.2 A dog’s pedigree must be five generations.

33.3 The Member must provide pictures of ancestors. 

33.4 TDF must confirm the parentage test of the dog and all ancestors.


34.1 Breeders are required to use breeding stock with Certified DNA Profiles. 

34.2 Dog owners and Breeders must purchase a DNA kit from TDF to obtain a DNA profile for parentage testing.

34.3 It is a requirement to purchase a kit from the Turkish Dog Federation only. All DN #’s must be submitted by the TDF before the Lab processes the DNA.

34.4 After a DNA Profile is created, TDF will supply the Certificate to the dog owner by electronic mail.

34.5 To purchase a kit from the TDF, submit form DNA-01 DNA Profile Kit on the TDF website.


35.1 TDF Staff runs parentage testing by comparing the DNA profiles of the mother, father, and offspring.

35.2 TDF notifies the dog owner of the results and sends a report by electronic mail.

35.3 Under certain circumstances, TDF will allow parentage results from other labs to CONFIRM parentage only. 

35.4 Embark’s Relative Finder is not accurate and will not be allowed to verify parentage testing. 

35.5 A one-time parentage test is included with the initial DNA Profile Kit purchase. 

35.6 To purchase additional parentage testing services, submit the form DNA-02 Parentage Test.


36.1 Please see examples of images in the appendix: Registration Picture Examples (RR-04)


37.1 All dog names are subject to the TDF and WAD’s approval.

37.2 The owner of the dog at the time of registration names the dog.

37.3 Two names are submitted on the registration form: A Registered name and a Call name.

37.4 A dog call name can change for a fee BEFORE the dog sires or whelps its first litter.

37.5 A registered dog name is permanent and cannot change.

37.6 After a dog has sired or whelped its first litter, all names change requests are denied.

37.7 Eligibility and Criteria 

     37.7.1 Must be in the English Alphabet.

     37.7.2 May contain ordinal or Arabic numbers.

    37.7.3 May not have derogatory words, breed names.

     37.7.4 Registered Kennel Names can be added or removed with written approval from the Registered Kennel.

     37.7.5 It may not contain names of Turkish dog breeds or races.

     37.7.6 May not contain words regarding the family or sex of the dog such as bitch, dam, sire, stud, father, mother, sister, or brother.

37.8 A Member can request a dog name to be changed by submitting the Dog Name Change Request (BF-05)


38.1 A microchip implant is a requirement for all application types.

38.2 Microchip implant must be ISO 11784/11785 compliant.

38.3 The microchip must be scannable using a Universal scanner.


39.1 The original owner must transfer the dog into the new owner’s name.

39.2 The original owner must complete the Transfer of Ownership form (MF-07). 

39.3 A Bill of Sale, Birth Certificate, and the original Pedigree must be signed by both parties and mailed to the TDF.

39.4 Transfer of Ownership is denied if signatures are not provided on required documents.

39.5 For a dog sold with only a registration application, the new owner submits a Breed and Pedigree Registration form (PF-01) and a Transfer of Ownership form (MF-07).


41.1 A Member can apply for a Registered Kennel Name before applying as a Member Breeder by submitting the Registered Kennel Name Form (BF-06).  

41.2 The Breeder submits a Registered Kennel Name on the Breeder Member Application (MF-02) at the time of applying as a Breeder Member.

41.3 Kennel and Farm names are limited to 50 characters, including spaces, letters only.

41.4 Kennel Prefix is limited to 15 characters, including spaces, letters only.


42.1 All puppies are required to be identified by microchip implantation.

42.2 The Breeder submits the Litter Notification Form (BF-01) within the first six weeks BEFORE the puppies leave to their new homes. 

42.3 The entire litter must have the same birthdate, which is the date the first puppy is born.

42.4 Upon selling a dog, the breeder transfers ownership of the dog into the new owner’s name using the Transfer of Ownership form (MF-07).

42.5 For litters from a stud dog, a signature of the stud dog’s owner is a requirement on the contract uploaded on the Litter Notification form.

42.6 A Lease Notification form (BF-04) must be submitted BEFORE a litter is born for litters from a leased dam. In addition, the breeder must submit signatures of the Dam’s owner on an uploaded contract for the Lease Notification and the Litter Notification forms.


43.1 A Birth Certificate is supplied to the breeder to give to the buyer. 

43.2 The Staff emails the Birth Certificate to the Breeder.


44.1 All contracts or agreements must be written and signed by both parties.

44.2 Contracts are mandatory for limiting registration for breeding. 

44.3 The Breeder can cancel the Limited Registration status by submitting the required information on the Limited Registration Cancellation Form (BF-03). 

44.4 Contracts are mandatory for leasing a dog.

44.5 Contracts are mandatory for stud services.

44.6 Any and all disagreements between the breeder and the buyer are a civil matter between the breeder and buyer.


45.1 The person leasing the bitch is considered the breeder if the bitch is mated and whelped with the Lessee. The Lessee must register the litter. 

45.2 Signatures of both parties are required.

45.3 Members must submit a Lease Notification form (BF-04) before the Litter Notification Form.


46.1 Must be registered with WAD.

46.2 Must have a WAD Phenotype Score.

46.3 Must have a DNA profile # on file with TDF.

46.4 Must be older than 18 months.

46.5 Must be younger than eight years old for bitches.

46.7 Must be younger than twelve years old for studs.

46.8 Must be in good health and condition.

46.9 Must be from approved breeders by the TDF and WAD.


47.1 The current market value of each breed is determined by the Board.

47.2 The Board has the right to change the market value from time to time.


48.1 All policies, documents, and communications to Members from the Turkish Dog Federation will be in the English language. 

48.2 It is the responsibility of Members to create, obtain, maintain and store records and supporting documents.

48.3 Members may request duplicate records by submitting the Duplicate Record Request (MF-06).

48.4 TDF will occasionally need to inspect breeder and owner records and supporting documents. We have the right to request, and review required records.

48.5 We have the right to deny, refuse and terminate applications, registrations, and cancel Memberships for any records that do not match or are falsified.



50.1 Any Member may prefer charges and complaints against a Member for alleged unethical behavior, practices, or misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Federation. 

50.2 Written charges with specifications must be written and signed by the Complainant on the Complaint Form (DF-01). No complaint will be officially acknowledged or accorded process unless it is in writing and signed by the Complainant.

50.3 Written Complaints must be electronic mail to the Staff. 

50.4 The Staff and Board will attempt to resolve the complaints by electronic mail.


51.1 Failure to comply with the Terms of Use, Standards of Practice and Conduct, and/ or Membership Manual will result in:

     51.1.1 TERMINATION, SUSPENSION, or EXPULSION from TDF Memberships

     51.1.2 Being LISTED as removed from the TDF, including the reasons for removal, on the TDF website; such notice is available to the public.

     51.1.3 Possible reporting to animal welfare agencies and associated legal action, if applicable.


52.1 Upon payment, classifieds will be posted as soon as possible.

52.2 Post shall remain on the website for a 6-month period.

52.3 Post shall be immediately removed after a dog is sold or rehomed. 

52.4 Post can be renewed by submitting a new classifeds post form.